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dc.creatorMohanty, P. K.
dc.creatorDhar, Deepak
dc.identifierPhysica A 384, 34 (2007)
dc.descriptionWe revisit the question whether the critical behavior of sandpile models with sticky grains is in the directed percolation universality class. Our earlier theoretical arguments in favor, supported by evidence from numerical simulations [ Phys. Rev. Lett., {\bf 89} (2002) 104303], have been disputed by Bonachela et al. [Phys. Rev. E {\bf 74} (2004) 050102] for sandpiles with no preferred direction. We discuss possible reasons for the discrepancy. Our new results of longer simulations of the one-dimensional undirected model fully support our earlier conclusions.
dc.descriptionComment: 8 pages, 3 eps figures, accepted in Physica A, elsart.cls attached
dc.subjectCondensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics
dc.titleCritical Behavior of Sandpile Models with Sticky Grains

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