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dc.creatorXing, Zhi-zhong
dc.creatorZhou, Shun
dc.descriptionThe noteworthy BaBar and Belle evidence for $D^0$-$\bar{D}^0$ mixing motivates us to study its impact on $D^0\to K^{*\pm} K^\mp$ decays and their CP-conjugate processes. We show that both the $D^0$-$\bar{D}^0$ mixing parameters ($x$ and $y$) and the strong phase difference between $\bar{D}^0\to K^{*\pm}K^\mp$ and $D^0\to K^{*\pm}K^\mp$ transitions ($\delta$) can be determined or constrained from the time-dependent measurements of these decay modes. On the $\psi (3770)$ and $\psi (4140)$ resonances at a $\tau$-charm factory, it is even possible to determine or constrain $x$, $y$ and $\delta$ from the time-independent measurements of coherent $(D^0\bar{D}^0) \to (K^{*\pm} K^\mp)(K^{*\pm} K^\mp)$ decays. If the CP-violating phase of $D^0$-$\bar{D}^0$ mixing is significant in a scenario beyond the standard model, it can also be extracted from the $K^{*\pm} K^\mp$ events.
dc.descriptionComment: 12 pages (2 PS figures included), to be published in Phys. Rev. D as a Rapid Communication
dc.subjectHigh Energy Physics - Phenomenology
dc.subjectHigh Energy Physics - Experiment
dc.titleD0-anti-D0 Mixing and CP Violation in D0 vs anti-D0 to K*(+-) K(-+) Decays

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