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dc.creatorBarvosa-Carter, William
dc.creatorAziz, Michael
dc.identifierBarvosa-Carter, William and Michael J. Aziz. 1997. Effect of non-hydrostatic stress on kinetics and interfacial roughness during solid phase epitaxial growth in Si. Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings 441: 621-628.
dc.descriptionWe report preliminary <i>in-situ</i> time-resolved measurements of the effect of uniaxial stress on solid phase epitaxial growth in pure Si (001) for the case of stress applied parallel to the amorphous-crystal interface. The growth rate is reduced by the application of uniaxial compression, in agreement with previous results. Additionally, the velocity continues to decrease with time. This is consistent with interfacial roughening during growth under stress, and is supported by both reflectivity measurements and cross-sectional TEM observations. We present a new kinetically-driven interfacial roughening mechanism which is consistent with our observations.
dc.descriptionEngineering and Applied Sciences
dc.publisherMaterials Research Society
dc.relationMaterials Research Society Symposia Proceedings
dc.titleEffect of Non-Hydrostatic Stress on Kinetics and Interfacial Roughness during Solid Phase Epitaxial Growth in Si

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