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dc.creatorBarvosa-Carter, William
dc.creatorSage, Jennifer F.
dc.creatorAziz, Michael
dc.identifierSage, Jennifer F., William Barvosa-Carter, and Michael J. Aziz. 2000. Morphological instability of growth fronts due to stress-induced mobility variations. Applied Physics Letters 77(4): 516-518.
dc.descriptionWe report a comparison between theory and experiment for a general stress-induced morphological growth instability that is kinetically rather than energetically driven. Stress variations along a perturbed planar growth front result in variations in interfacial mobility in a manner that is destabilizing under one sign of the stress state and stabilizing under the opposite sign, even for a pure material. Investigation of solid-phase epitaxial growth at a corrugated Si(001) interface under both compression and tension results in good agreement between experiment and theory with no adjustable parameters, demonstrating that this mobility-based mechanism is dominant in determining morphological evolution in this system.
dc.descriptionEngineering and Applied Sciences
dc.publisherAmerican Institute of Physics
dc.relationApplied Physics Letters
dc.titleMorphological Instability of Growth Fronts Due to Stress-Induced Mobility Variations

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