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dc.creatorAziz, Michael
dc.creatorSage, Jennifer F.
dc.creatorBarvosa-Carter, William
dc.identifierSage, Jennifer F., William Barvosa-Carter, and Michael J. Aziz. 2006. Strain-stabilized solid phase epitaxy of Si–Ge on Si. Journal of Applied Physics 99(11): 113529.
dc.descriptionWe compare solid phase epitaxial growth of amorphous Si–Ge alloys created by Ge ion implantation into Si with and without the imposition of 0.5 GPa of externally applied biaxial tensile stress. External loading stabilizes the growth front against roughening, resulting in a doubling of the maximum reported Ge concentration for stable growth to 14 at. %. The externally applied stress appears to superpose with the intrinsic compositional stress and indicates a threshold of approximately 0.6 GPa for interface breakdown. This principle is expected to be applicable to expanding the composition range for stable growth of other semiconductor alloy combinations by other growth techniques.
dc.descriptionEngineering and Applied Sciences
dc.publisherAmeican Institute of Physics
dc.relationJournal of Applied Physics
dc.titleStrain-Stabilized Solid Phase Epitaxy of Si–Ge on Si.

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