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dc.creatorGupta, Amar
dc.creatorSeshasai, Satwik
dc.creatorYeung, Jason
dc.creatorSainath, Tara
dc.descriptionThis paper presents a knowledge-based approach for capturing data and rationale, so that the experience and insights gained while pursuing a major project or endeavor can be utilized when pursuing future endeavors of a similar nature. The proposed approach, embodied in a concept demonstration prototype named SSPARCy, focuses on the means for capturing knowledge about the design process, including the evolving state of the design as well as the rationale behind major design decisions made over time. The system uses a four faceted knowledge-based approach of knowledge acquisition, discovery, management and repository to focus on various areas of functionality to be used in the design process. The proposed approach enables individuals and organizations to benefit from the experiences and lessons learned from previous processes, as well as facilitates the exchange of such knowledge throughout the design process.
dc.format341501 bytes
dc.relationMIT Sloan School of Management Working Paper;4363-02
dc.subjectKnowledge Discovery
dc.subjectDesign Rationale
dc.titleAutomated Design Data and Rationale Capture

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